Zaelot has been an invaluable partner in our quest to reshape the proptech industry. Their ability to deliver high-quality results at speed and scale has provided exceptional long-term value for our organization and more importantly our customers.

Joe Conley
Joe Conley
CTO, Cecilian Partners
Dedicated Teams

Your in-house engineering team. No recruiting needed.

If you have the vision, we have the people to build it. With a dedicated team you can focus on building a company instead of building a software engineering team.

Staff Augmentation

Level up your team.

By utilizing the staff augmentation model our engineers work alongside yours. You get the added benefit of experience and training for your existing team. While increasing your capacity to deliver.

Minimize risk. Get it done.

We can build software for a flat fee and get it delivered fast. This is great for proof of concepts and rapid prototyping.

Scale your team.

We help you quickly scale your software engineering.

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Specialist Availability

Easy access to engineers with different specializations, like front end, back end, dev ops, accessibility, etc. That way your engineering team matches your product requirements and not vice versa.

Embedded Team Members

Our team members are part of your organization. They are an embedded member and not someone you just send a project off to.


You are not limited by hiring locally. We get the right engineer for the job regardless of location.

Ready to start

Our engineers are ready to go on new projects in a couple of days. Existing projects even faster.